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Morgårdshammar AB is specialized in rolling mills for long products. Since 1856, we have been supplying high quality products and rolling mill solutions which improve our customers' productivity and quality. Our know-how and experience is enhanced by our unique simulation software, WICON, that contributes to maximize productivity and efficiency. Our goal is to offer the best quality, process and technical solutions for our customers.

    We focus on
  • Service and refurbishment
  • Spare & Wear parts
  • Process & Pass design
  • Maintenance and service on site
  • Education & Training
  • Guide equipment
  • Wicon - Rolling simulation software for bar and wire rod mills


Our long history in the metallurgical industry started in the 1700:th century with production of bar iron and other forgings. The demand grew for machines and engineering products to the industry while Morgårdshammar was registered in 1856, and the company started to specialize in rolling mills equipment for long products. During the 1870's the first universal rolling mill was developed, that made it possible to produce flat bars with sharp edges and close tolerances, Morgårdshammar became the leading and dominating manufacturer of rolling mills in the Nordic countries. Since then, we have developed several patented products and continued to provide top quality products and innovative solutions for rolling mills in 50 countries.

In the 1940's the roller guides was invented and that revolutionized the possibilities to have oval-round pass grooves in the pass design. The Morgårdshammar housingless roll stands were a revolutionary way of thinking and were patented in most industrial countries.


If you are interested in our products, services or to develop an idea to upgrade your mill, please contact us.

About Us
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