Garett Coilers
Morgårdshammar’s Garrett coilers with handling equipment are specially designed to avoid surface defects and to obtain the best density in the coil. The coilers are of drum coiler type. The drum is made of nodular cast iron that gives a minimum of friction between the hot bar and the drum.

The inner surfaces of the coiler drum are machined and have no ribs. A continuous water cooling system ensures that the shape of the drum is maintained even under very high thermal load conditions.

Pinch-roll units are located in front of the feed pipes. The unique feed pipe arrangement guides the front end of the bar down to the bottom of the coiler in order to avoid overfill. During coiling operation, the position of the feed pipe automatically changes in order to avoid an unnecessary hard bend of the bar between the guide pipe and the top of the coil.

A unique coil collector fitted with expanding fingers guarantees that all waps are removed from the coiler drum. The coil collector is fitted with compacting devices that compress the coil during the transfer from the coiler to the coil collector.

When the lifting plate has reached its top position, the fingers inside the coil collector are swung out below the lower part of the coil and retain the coil when the lifting plate is lowered to coiling position.

By means of a turnable lifting device, the finished coil is placed on a cooling conveyor for further transportation to the binding station.

Quality, efficiency, economy

The Morgårdshammar well-known Garrett lines have been further developed towards larger coil weights and higher coiling speeds. The concept has been a design for trouble-free operation, careful handling of the rolled product to avoid surface defects, and low maintenance costs.

The coilers are used for different steel grades, such as low to high carbon steels, stainless steels and other alloy steels.

Solutions that are optimal from a technical and economic point of view are available.

As an intermediate alternative, the lifting device can be built so as to submerge the whole coil into a water tank for instant cooling before further transportation.

The Morgårdshammar cooling conveyors are designed for automatic storage of the coils. A number of different solutions for coil handling can be offered including inline quenching of stainless steel grades.

Most Garrett coilers are tailor-made. We are always prepared to quote according to each specific requirement from the customer.